Are You Safe  How to know if you have demonic attachments and what to do about it. Written by Ramona Smith NP and Psychic 

I am excited to announce that my first book will be out in late 2021! After only 8 months of intense writing I am excited that it will be available on this website, at Amazon and Kindle. As I continue to work with my Editors, I want to invite you to ask questions and tell me yours stories. You may want to schedule a Session for Energy Healing if you feel unsafe or are suffering from emotions such as anger and sadness that seem far beyond what you believe is yours. My specialty is working with the removal of dark attachments, repairing fractured auras and returning my clients to a life of purpose and love. Some of the darkness we may have carried since childhood. We all deserve to have joy and be free to live our unique lives loving others in full measure.