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Balanced Health and Fitness

A Wellness and Detox Center For Your Whole Body & Mind

4245 Capitola Road #104, Capitola CA 95010



Our core services include:
Personal Trainer: Achieve your personal health and fitness goals with a Personal Trainer.
Nutritional Counseling: Lose body fat and feel healthier by eating the right foods for your body.
Hair Analysis: Do you know what toxins you have in your body? A Hair Analysis can help unlock the secrets to your health. :e
Detox programs: Detox foot bath, Sea Algae Body Wraps and Nutritional Supplements for deep cleansing.
Massage: massage therapy to promote health, rehabilitation, mobility and wellness.
NEAR Infrared Sauna: Remove chemical and heavy metal toxins from your body.
Nutritionist: In house Certified NutritionSpecialists to help you feed your body and mind.



Five Branches University

Tuesday Clinic: 9:15am-12:15pm.  Two 90 minute appointments available each week.

Thursday Clinic 9:30am-12:30pm.  Two 90 minute appointments available each week.

Call for Tuesday and Thursday Clinic appointments: 831-476-8211. Cost: $27 Monday

Walk In Clinic: 9:00am-12:00pm. Donation: $1-10. Community Setting care.

200 7th Avenue, Santa Cruz CA  95062    www.fivebranches.edu

Check on the link below for more information

 Santa Cruz Clinic




Keith Britany, MFT  831-566-3728
1663 Dominican Way, Suite 110-B, Santa Cruz, CA 95065
Offering treatment in these areas: Individual, Couple and Family Therapy, Collaborative Divorce Mediation, Parenting,
Adolescents, Men's Issues, Marriage and Relationship Therapy.

Life Coaching:

Melanie Sargent 831-345-2233 Essentials Professional Body Mind Clinic
1414 Soquel Avenue, Suite 230, Santa Cruz CA 95062

Janette Valentino: 559-285-8020
http://cj-coaching.com      +46 8 662 3111 (Sweden)


Melanie Sargent 831-345-2233 Essentials Professional Body Mind Clinic
1414 Soquel Avenue, Suite 230, Santa Cruz CA 95062
Offering:  Injury Rehabilitation, Chronic Pain, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy,
Pre & Post Natal Massage, Pre-Conception Womb Preparation Therapy

Westside Clinic      Corey Miller and Aubrey Miller      http://www.scwestsideclinic.com/

We are a family run, integrative health care clinic dedicated to providing you with quality, professional health care.Dr. Aubrey Miller, DC and Corey A. Miller, L.Ac. are a local father-daughter team, passionate about providing you and your family dynamic and effective health care. 

Our Services Include:
Nutritional Counseling

Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture
and much more

Serving Santa Cruz Country, Westside Clinic invites you to join us in helping you find your path to living in optimal health.We are dedicated to providing services that allow our patients to live healthy and balanced lives at an affordable rate!
Call us Today, We Look Forward to Hearing from You!      831. 462. 6400

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