Ramona Smith NP Essentials

          Nurse Practitioner MSN, NP-C     

Rates & Services


General Health Assessment:

One hour visit: health review and recommendations for healing   $100 

Theta Healing One Hour Visit: $120   

15 Minute Alpha Stim AID Therapy: $30

(or package of 8 visits: $200, a savings of $40)


Nurse Practitioner Care:

Initial One Hour Visit:  $150       

Follow Up Half Hour Visit:  $90     

Advanced Directives Preparation Assistance:  $80 


Skype appointments available for established clients: $90   

(Skype address is:  "santacruznp" log in at the time of your scheduled appointment and await a call.  Prepayment is required.)

Vitamin B 12 injection:  $20  (Card available for 10 injections at $150) 

We now accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express for office charges of $80 or more using:


Behavioral Health Unit Aftercare provided with emphasis on recovery support.

Off-site/home visits for elders or those with individual needs are available at small additional cost. Many people are discharged from the hospital after unexpected or routine surgery and may feel fragile or unsure of what is normal. We can provide a brief in-home visit to assist you, or a family member during this transition from hospital to resuming independence at home. The visits are NOT intended to replace follow up visits with your primary physician, but to help you navigate the emotional changes that happen after hospitalization.

My training as a Family Nurse Practitioner allows me to offer basic health care to infants through older adults. My experience in mental health allows for various areas of support.  I provide medication management for those who are also seeing a therapist or mental health provider; as well as assistance to those who are undergoing recovery from drug or alcohol dependence.

Our office space is not equipped to do women's health care in the form of routine annual pelvic exams, but I do offer guidance in the area of PMS, PMDD and menopause.

Do you or a family member desire Health Care Advance Directives, but you do not know where to begin, I can assist by walking through the document with you.  In one or two visits we can complete the form and you will have the assurance that your desires for end of life care are recorded and ready to share with your medical provider and family members. 

Our rates are on a "fee-for-service" concept. You pay at the time of the visit and if you wish, will receive a form for billing your insurance company. We accept cash, local checks and most credit cards. Offering fee-for-service allows us to keep the overhead down and pass the savings on to you and your family.

Missed visits will be charged full amount unless confirmed canceled within 24 hours.  Thank you for understanding the desire to keep costs down and appointments available.


Lab fees, if labs indicated, will be an additional cost for you.  Please speak with your insurance provider to locate the lab of choice.  If you are self-paying, I will assist you in finding the least expensive option for your needs. 



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